Why moving knitter? Because it's me. :) Not only am I in the process of moving from California to Oklahoma, but I knit on the move in all kinds of places. I'll write about the knitting I do or want to do and the places as I knit in them.

Location: Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

I'm an ample in my mid 40s with 2 kids, both grown and on their own. My favorite list is ample-knitters! I've lived in 9 states so far and hope this move to our home state is the last one.I have 3 shih tzu's that are my kids. My husband is retired (again) and very mechanical.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Sunday, Sunday

Not much going on today. Everyone else is napping. I was on socknitter's chat for a bit and we talked about pet sweaters! LOL Had a good time. I'm still working on the pink ruffled socks, but an tempted to switch yarn. They said that the cotton fleece has alot of stretch when you wear it. Since I wear sandals amost all the time, it'd be embarrassing to have the socks fall off rather than down in my shoes.

I just changed my blog feed options and want to see if they work now. Fingers crossed.

Oh yeah, my son just called and we may have to go get him this evening. His ex-girlfriend just made a scene at work, took his key to their apartment, and went to mama's. sigh. We don't really have room for him in the midst of packing or gas to drive him to work. Hope he has his bicycle still. All the MCs and trikes are in OK. More soap opera coming soon. :)

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