Why moving knitter? Because it's me. :) Not only am I in the process of moving from California to Oklahoma, but I knit on the move in all kinds of places. I'll write about the knitting I do or want to do and the places as I knit in them.

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I'm an ample in my mid 40s with 2 kids, both grown and on their own. My favorite list is ample-knitters! I've lived in 9 states so far and hope this move to our home state is the last one.I have 3 shih tzu's that are my kids. My husband is retired (again) and very mechanical.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Loading Day 3 and 4

We loaded the 18ft car hauler yesterday. The long trike, (size of a 78 tbird), Norn - Kawasaki cruiser) and Miss B - trike the size of a VW bug on it along with various parts, a couple small tool chests,The 2 dog kennels, and 2 extra tires for something... Miss B I think. Quite a 3d puzzle.

Today was a rest day. No doubt helped along by our setting the home network (we connect through a hub) so that we can play Diable 2 together on our local machines. I know its an older game, but neither of us have ever beaten it all 3 times to complete it. So that's what we did today get 2 characters to the same level and start the next quest.

Tomorrow we pack clothes, re-position the hitches on both trucks, and leave. I have to move patterns either to floppy or to my Palm.Floppy'd be easier. And I can print them along the way if things go well if we have the money.

I'll try to post one more time before we head out.

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