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I'm an ample in my mid 40s with 2 kids, both grown and on their own. My favorite list is ample-knitters! I've lived in 9 states so far and hope this move to our home state is the last one.I have 3 shih tzu's that are my kids. My husband is retired (again) and very mechanical.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Loading again

In the past cople days we've started getting the trailers loaded and ready with help from my son.His live-in fiance took my 'sheep hat' for her Holiday gift. She does Christmas and we do Hanukkah and Jim does Holiday. LOL He still hasn't found a religion that suits him. Maybe in time. I found a skull cap pattern replete with skulls That he'll get for his bday. (dec. 15) Easy for me to remember since it's the day before mine. and I'll work on 2 scarves for the Holidays with skull borders. One for Mike and the other for Jim. Finally got her to look at places other than Houston and NC for them to move to. Pointed out SW OK advantages to them. Have my fingers crossed. His diabetes is getting worse by the day. So OK would make what money she makes as a security guard better and his SSi when he finally admits he needs it.

Anyway the Cushman truckster is loaded on the little trailer so far and the motorcycle trailer, gold wing fairing, bags and seats are all on the long trailer. We have the parts for the El Camino finally delivered to it's new owner. Now all we have to do is drive the long trike, Miss B- the sort trike, and Norn, the motorcycleonto the big trailer and tie it all down. We may get some boxes on it also.

I'm going to take my stuff and my clothes in my truck and load household goods on the little trailer I'm going to pull. Mike says 2 more loads. But I don't see where the $$ will come from
Although he's selling his kit car, a couple VW engines, rearends, trike frames, front ends etc.
Anyone know anyone who'd be interested???

I have to get training set up in OK as soon as we get back there. We're leaving Thurs or Fri. At least I have my fingers crossed. Have to get there quick to get my unemployment benefits extended. I'd like to take stylist and manicure training and take a trailer set up to the various bike runs. Figers crossed. I don't know if Unemployment will cover that kind of training. I may have to take what I can get for a year or so and go for a Pell Grant for it. I don't know. Been toying with a business plan though.

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Blogger phoenix_anew said...

I'll be praying for safe travel for you! :)

24 November, 2004 13:45  

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