Why moving knitter? Because it's me. :) Not only am I in the process of moving from California to Oklahoma, but I knit on the move in all kinds of places. I'll write about the knitting I do or want to do and the places as I knit in them.

Location: Lawton, Oklahoma, United States

I'm an ample in my mid 40s with 2 kids, both grown and on their own. My favorite list is ample-knitters! I've lived in 9 states so far and hope this move to our home state is the last one.I have 3 shih tzu's that are my kids. My husband is retired (again) and very mechanical.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Try it again

Something's weird with my computer or connection or maybe it's the moving grimlins. I've tried to post for the past several days and something keeps going wrong. Let's see, IE just closes or spews umpteen windows that show nothing then closes, or the connection drops (wonder if that's with fur kid help...) etc.

Anyway, to play catch up. We've found a group discount plan for insurance so we can now fill prescriptions. That's a relief with his heart meds and mine for depression/anxiety. I called Costco today and requested a refill on mine. Now to see if they get it right, quoted the right cost and if I can get in with out being a member to just go to the pharmacy, as I've been told. Got my fingers crossed!

Made progress on the hat while at the mandatory unemployment meeting on how to search for a job on the web. I'm now ready to start the color work.

In the packing, I found my Socks Soar on 2 Circs. ! Now I have the directions back for turning the heel and doing the gussets on a pair that's been in progress since I lost the book a year or so ago. LOL

We'll get enough money in 2 weeks to make another trip back to Lawton. Can't wait! This part of the bay area is getting worse and worse. I think the bad part of Oakland is trying to move in. sigh.

Does anyone know how to get my web rings etc. to show up on the sides of my entries? I'm getting this thing really messed up, I think.

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